Our Frequently Asked Questions

As you may of guessed, We get flooded with questions regarding our services. So to help answer some questions that you may have on your mind, we have compiled the most common ones here...

For any other questions give us a call on 03309 129987, 01473 216321 or send us a message below

Q. Have you, or can you work with professional Artists?Close

A. Yes, we have and do work with professional artists and clients.

Q. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?Close

A. Yes, we have £10,000,000 public liability insurance for all of our stages.

Q. Does the ground have to be level?Close

A. Not necessarily, however letting us know in advance, as to what condition the ground is in, will help and save us time.

Q. Do you do Discounts?Close

A. Discounts are available, if you book two dates in a year or buy a hire package from us.

Q. Do you Dry Hire stages?Close

A. No, unfortunately we don’t dry hire our staging equipment, however we can provide it with minimal crew if available on site to help with the build, in order to reduce costs, to fit in with your budget.

Q. Do I have to supply security?Close

A. Security is required if the stage/truss equipment is hired overnight. Crowd barriers-may also be required with security in certain circumstances.

Q. Do you do packages?Close

A. Yes, our packages are tailored to fit your requirements.

Q. Do you cover my area?Close

A. Yes, We cover all of the UK and Europe.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?Close

A. Yes, you are required to pay a deposit, when you book your date.

Q. What happens if I cancel a booking?Close

A. Cancellation offers are available. These options are discussed during booking.


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